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Mike McCormack has over twenty-five years professional experience in a variety of roles including: Job Matching, Performance Management, Professional Development, Leadership Development, Organizational Change, and Succession Planning.
May 27, 2014

Get Over Being A Sugar Cookie

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Admiral William H. McRaven, Commander U. S. Special Operations Command and Navy Seal spoke last week at the U of Texas Commencement Address. The motto of the Austin campus is, "What starts here changes the world", and Admiral McRaven used this motto as the theme of his speech. In Seal [...]

May 25, 2014

Don’t Be Afraid of the Circus

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In this season of graduation ceremonies and speeches, I decided to share some of the encouragement I heard given to students as they move on to their next phase of life. At the University of Texas combined graduation ceremony on May 17, Admiral William H McRaven, Commander U. S. Special [...]

May 22, 2014

How Much Was a Talent Worth?

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Almost everyone has heard of the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-18). I heard the story so many times growing up that I didn't pay much attention to the details.  You probably know the story: A man was about to go on a journey, and before he left he gave [...]

May 19, 2014

Interests are Over-rated!

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By Mike McCormack One of my biggest pet peeves is how much emphasis young adults (and many consultants) put on interests when making career choices. It is also amazing how many assessment instruments there are for interests – and how many people think they are just as important as talents [...]

Mar 15, 2014

Less Than 30% of Teens in DFW Can Find Work

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According to the Mar 14, 2014 Dallas Morning News article “Joblessness soars for teens, young adults”, nothing has improved involving employment rates for teen and young adults. For teenagers in the DFW area, only 29.5% were employed (leaving over 70% unemployed) in 2012, compared to 44% in 2000. The employment [...]

Mar 15, 2014

My Wife Believes This

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My wife and I use to argue (I mean, get into discussions) all the time when our kids lived at home about whether we should let our teenagers sleep later, or get them up to get stuff done on weekends. I was coming from the old school perspective, coming from [...]

Mar 3, 2014

Does Your Company Recruit High School Students?

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Recently the Alabama and LSU football programs made the news for recruiting eighth and ninth grade football players, committing to them three and four years before they will graduate from high school. It is hard to believe these commitments will play out like they have started, because a lot can [...]