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“I have literally hired thousands of Salespeople over the course of my career and used many different tools in the hiring process. The tools and processes that Symon now uses from PeopleRight work far better than anything else I have ever used for predicting the performance of Salespeople. We have seen when hiring new salespeople that using PeopleRight’s tools and processes results in over $250,000 additional revenue per hire per year.”

Charles Ansley, President & CEO (Ret.), Symon Communications


“StalwartMC partnered with Mike and the PeopleRight team to integrate leading assessment capabilities in our client’s talent selection process.  We greatly appreciate Mike’s counsel, candor and expertise, and we look forward to collaborating with PeopleRight for years to come.”

Benjamin Armenta, Managing Director, StalwartMC


“Not only have we established confidence in your services in helping us improve our selection process for new employees, but in the coaching and development process for existing employees as well. We have expanded their use beyond the original Sales and Construction Management roles to the point where we have now used them in Senior Accounting roles and Management roles within my organization.”

George Seagraves, North Region President, D R Horton


“I spent many years as an HR Executive and now run my own HR outsourcing company. I have used a variety of assessments in the past.  Working with Mike and his assessments has been a game-changer!  It has changed the way I hire and coach new employees. I am now introducing him to my clients so they can benefit from collecting better information and making more informed decisions.”

Karen LaCroix, Founder and President, Superior HR


“We are so pleased with PeopleRight’s tools and Mike’s support that we have profiled our managers and senior-level employees.  We have been able to use the insight available from the results to improve cross-level communications and for team building exercises.”

Kathy Mayeux, Operations Director, State Tax Advisors


“Your services have helped me free up my time and organize my team to interview the best and truly qualified candidates.  Since May I have made 30 job offers and had 30 accepts, all of whom showed up for training and proved to be a great job match.”

Steven Monson, Customer Service Manager, United Healthcare


“We now conduct PeopleRight assessments on every level position from Admin to VP, before making our hiring decisions. Our experience has proven it is much wiser to spend a few hundred dollars up front (on the assessment and a follow-up discussion with Mike) and to give credence to the results, than to hire effectively blind without it. We can count at least two instances where hiring without a PeopleRight assessment has cost the company multiple tens of thousands of dollars.”

Dennis Smith, CEO, Computer Business Solutions, Inc.