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//Quotes from our clients
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“All three of our children had the benefit of this information, and it was tremendously helpful as we worked together to make decisions on college and career. We recommend it wholeheartedly!”

Kent and Marilynn Johnson, Dallas, TX


“Given the amount of money parents spend on their children’s college education and the long term career ramifications of picking the right major, I highly recommend that parents and students engage PeopleRight for assistance.”

Mike Meredith, Commercial Banker, Dallas, TX


“Great job!!! Lots for us to think about.  Very helpful!!”

Mark Winter, CFO, Austin, TX


“Two of my daughters have gone through a competitor’s assessment tool in the past few years, so I also know very well what similar services cost. Mike’s assessment and evaluation process covers more ground for less money than any other service that I have seen offered in this market. It will virtually crystallize what you were called to do or called to be, at a fair price.”

Stan Keith, Entrepreneur, Dallas, TX


“We had a wonderful experience with PeopleRight, I highly recommend their services! Our only regret is that we did not do it sooner!”

Dawn Pownell, Parent & Teacher, Dallas


“Thank you so much for the evaluation and presentation! This will prove extremely helpful for Allie and for us in guiding her toward college and a career.”

Melissa Gordon, Dallas, TX


“I heartily endorse and recommend Mike McCormack and PeopleRight for both business and student use.”

Dave Turtletaub, CEO, Dallas, TX


“This is to thank you for the incredibly significant contribution you have made to our daughter Jodi’s life through the administration of your assessment 3 years ago.

At that time she became aware of a proclivity and interest in the sciences. In fact, 8 of the top 10 recommendations in her report were in science/math areas. She is now a student at Southern Oregon University, with a biochemistry major and a 3.9 GPA – looking forward to a career either in teaching or cancer research. She is pursuing accreditation with the American Chemical Society and plans to have teaching credentials in 5 science/math subjects.

She might not have discovered this path but for the counsel she received from you. We can never thank you enough.   Jodi has just finished her course work for a degree (with honors) in Biochemistry.”

Ron Eggert, Pastor and Parent, Oregon


“First, let me say how impressed I am with your insight and skill in the area of college and career planning – it is very extensive! Your evaluation of Christi was spot-on, and the wealth of information given as a result of your testing is tremendous. Although I knew some of her talents, gifts, and interests, I had no idea of how to implement that knowledge for college and career paths.”

Jean Thompson, Plano, TX


“We were amazed with the simplicity of the testing, and your efficiency and professionalism when you presented the results.  We both enjoyed the opportunity to meet with you as a family, and appreciated a degree of ownership in the process.  Our son took the results to heart, and is actually redirecting his major as a result of the input.

We would recommend the assessment to every family with a student considering university and career opportunities.   Thanks for a great experience!”

John Harbus, Plano, TX


“Thank you again for the assessment for our 16 year-old son.   Your explanations were clear and comprehensive and the assessments have confirmed the general major our son should pursue to best develop his gifts and strengths.   The value received from the process far outweighs the cost — thank you!”

Pat Anderson


“As a consultant for many years, I am used to using numerous assessment and diagnostic tools in my business.  I have also had numerous ones administered to me because of my previous sensitive military and civilian jobs where such assessments were necessary.  I can truthfully say that I believe the PeopleRight assessments are some of the most accurate, if not the most accurate, for predicting future success in college and in your job.”

Terry E. Wiese, Dallas, TX