Worrying About Constant People Issues
Keeps You From Enjoying the Success You Deserve

Worrying About Constant People Issues
Keeps You From Enjoying the Success You Deserve

We know what it’s like to be so stressed about missing
your goals you can’t enjoy a relaxing family vacation

At PeopleRight, we understand you want to be the most successful leader in your company. To do that, you’ve got to hire and keep more people who are superstars. The problem is you’re missing critical information when making people decisions. So when your hires don’t perform up to your expectations, it makes you crazy.

We believe everyone is wired to do certain things best. And when we match what they do naturally to the right jobs, they thrive! We understand the details behind optimal job fit, which is why we can show you how people will likely perform in a job BEFORE you hire them.

We know your bottom line depends on you putting the right people on your team in the roles that optimize their gifts. Relying on gut instinct or popular four-quadrant personality style tools can cause you to waste valuable time and money. Instead, PeopleRight provides you with exclusive access to hundreds of top-performer benchmarks and hands-on training for how to use them. When you can finally make better-informed hiring decisions, you avoid the frustration you experience when your bottom line is negatively impacted by ineffective hires.

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About PeopleRight

Mike McCormack
Founder, PeopleRight
Mike McCormack, Founder of PeopleRight has been on both sides of the hiring equation many times. As a working professional, Mike spent the first 20+ years of his career working in 10 different job titles for 5 different companies. And out of those 10 jobs, there are at least 8 that he wouldn’t want to go back and do again. And he was never let go because of poor performance! That’s why he started PeopleRight – to help companies like yours better understand job fit and how to measure it – so they could get the right people in the right seats faster.

Since starting PeopleRight in 2002, Mike has worked with over 100 companies, including two fortune 300 companies. His clients say working with Mike helps improve their bottom line because they better understand what top performers look like, and how to recognize them when they walk in the door. Because of this, some of his first-year clients are still clients today and 98% of his clients have signed on for additional work after their first project was completed.

Mike says says the best part of what he does is that it creates what Stephen Covey calls a win-win scenario. When companies put people in jobs that they are naturally wired for, they end up performing better – because they aren’t having to be someone they are not (which causes stress).

And just in case you are wondering: Mike doesn’t come at this problem from the ‘touchy-feely’ side of the equation. He has an engineering degree and a MBA from Texas A&M University, and he knows the ROI is what drives businesses to change their people processes.

Three Ways We Provide Exclusive Tools & Support to
Improve Your Bottom Line through
Better Hiring & Management Decisions

Pre-Employment Testing Companies

Compare Candidates
to Validate

Pre-Employment Testing Companies

Get a Targeted
Set of Interview

Pre-Employment Testing Companies

Onboarding and
for New Hires

Objectively measure the traits
and abilities that work
best in different roles

Compare to existing
and prospective hires

Uncover critical
predictive information
about your candidate
left undiscovered by
most interviews
Help them succeed with
customized guidance
based on how
they are wired and
their comparative benchmarks

Success Stories

Chelsea Klinke
“Their technology is unmatched and has proven results...

Others make claims that can’t be supported or proven whereas PeopleRight can show benchmarks with employee performance with little margin of error. I enjoyed and trusted Mike that he understood my needs and we worked together to build the options. I would recommend him to anyone and happily work with PeopleRight again.”

Director of National Accounts
Merz North America

-- Chelsea Klinke,

Charles Ansley
“Far better than anything else I have ever used…

I have literally hired thousands of Salespeople over the course of my career and used many different tools in the hiring process. The tools and processes from PeopleRight work far better than anything else I have ever used for predicting the performance of Salespeople. We have seen when hiring new salespeople that using PeopleRight’s tools and processes results in over $250,000 additional revenue per hire per year.”

President & CEO (retired)
Symon Communications

-- Charles Ansley,

Allison Roberts
“Empowers our managers and makes them feel more confident….

Working with Mike has been a really good partnership. He is always VERY responsive, open to suggestions and willing to look at things a different way. We really appreciate what he brings to the table in our hiring process. We use PeopleRight for everybody even if they are the number one candidate. We will definitely always use it for all of our recruiting.”

Regional CFO

-- Allison Roberts,

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Chelsea Klinke
Charles Ansley
Allison Roberts
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