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4 Things You Should Know About Using Employee Testing

Gone are the days when employers used to follow graphology and other pseudoscience techniques to hire the best talent for their workforce. Now, predicting or pre-analyzing the job performance of any candidate is widely done with many different types of pre-employment...

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Does Pre-Employment Testing Reduce Employee Turnover Costs?

Employee hiring is a time-consuming and costly affair. And if it’s not done with the right techniques and goals in mind, it can cause HUGE employee turnover costs. In order to save time and money spent on bad hires, many employers rely on pre-employment tests, which...

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PeopleRight Wins 2017 Sales Award

Wiley recently announced their 2017 Business Partner award winners, and for the second time in the last three years PeopleRight has made the list of Emerald Award winners! Wiley Emerald Award Winner Click here to see a copy of their press release 2018...

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5 Themes of Great Companies

I had the honor of presenting at one of my client’s annual meetings last week and I enjoyed it a lot. I say, ‘had the honor’ because I was the only ‘outsider’ invited to their meeting – everyone else was an internal asset, i.e., employee and senior manager of the...

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