Do you know what keeps employers up at night? Is it business growth, product sales or global expansion? No.

Obviously, these three concerns hold great importance for success-minded employers, but the thing that often causes them the most amount of stress is hiring the right people for the right roles.

Hiring employees to fill vacant positions really is not a simple task…not if you care about employee turnover costs and how that affects your bottom line. Hiring a talented team of employees is an important responsibility because one bad hiring decision can be very costly. Because of this, businesses rely on pre-employment assessment tests which assess candidates based on their cognitive abilities and behavioral tendencies.

However, although, these pre-employment assessments are very popular and have been adopted by industry giants, the ugly truth of the matter is that placing ‘complete dependence’ and ‘blind faith’ on these tests can lead to undesirable results. With that in mind, what is the best way for a company to hire the right people?

PeopleRight Has the Solution

PeopleRight believes in offering avant-garde tools that help employers make well-informed hiring decisions. Instead of filtering candidates by just testing, the hiring tools offered by PeopleRight give you the freedom to validate top-performance benchmarks, coach new hires and uncover predictive information about candidates that no standardized tests can provide. 

PeopleRight’s hiring tools and processes include:

Pre-Employment Testing

  • Job Fit Reports with the ability to compare a job candidate’s results to the benchmarks of top performers in your company for specific positions.
  • Interviewing or Selection Reports with the ability to create interview questions to tell where job candidates are different from your company’s top performers.
  • Candidate Match Reports with the ability to compare multiple candidates to the same benchmark.

Professional Development Tools

  • Coaching Reports (vs. the Job Benchmark created from your top performers)
  • Managerial Reports that compare the employee to their boss
  • Team Reports that show how the entire team is wired with suggestions for how they might better work together

Strategic Talent Management Tools

  • Leadership Development 360 Assessments
  • Strategic Workforce Management Reports that show how current employees might fit into other roles in your organization

The hiring tools offered by PeopleRight are a guaranteed-to-work solution to help you hire and keep the top performers you need for your team. If you’re looking for help hiring the right people for the right roles, PeopleRight has the ideal solution. Click here to learn more….