Mar 15, 2014

Less Than 30% of Teens in DFW Can Find Work

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According to the Mar 14, 2014 Dallas Morning News article “Joblessness soars for teens, young adults”, nothing has improved involving employment rates for teen and young adults. For teenagers in the DFW area, only 29.5% were employed (leaving over 70% unemployed) in 2012, compared to 44% in 2000. The employment [...]

Mar 3, 2014

Does Your Company Recruit High School Students?

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Recently the Alabama and LSU football programs made the news for recruiting eighth and ninth grade football players, committing to them three and four years before they will graduate from high school. It is hard to believe these commitments will play out like they have started, because a lot can [...]

Feb 12, 2014

Best Practices When Hiring Salespeople

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Not many organizations can survive without good Salespeople, yet many continue to hire ones who don’t succeed. If your company struggles with finding or keeping good Salespeople, you should consider these ten best practices: The Sales Department, HR, and Management should all collaborate on the strategy formation for hiring Salespeople [...]

Jan 31, 2014

Overcome the Fear of Giving Feedback

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The topic of giving feedback can be quite a sensitive one. I have worked in businesses where a coworker would become quite upset if they received less than perfect feedback, where you wouldn’t dare give your boss feedback unless asked. Every work environment is different and so is every leader [...]

Nov 29, 2010

Can We Learn From Secretariat?

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My wife and I went to see the movie ‘Secretariat‘ last night and we were thoroughly entertained.  Although I was a teenager when this horse ran for the Triple Crown in 1973, I could still remember some of the details of the story – like the margin of victory in [...]

Nov 8, 2010

Talent Lessons Learned From the World Series

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A recruiting site that I monitor published a good article today by John Sullivan that lists 8 talent management lessons businesses could learn from the World Series: Identify critical success factors and prioritize around them Continuous talent swapping is needed Contingent labor and role players add agility Performance triumphs age, [...]