Employee hiring is a time-consuming and costly affair. And if it’s not done with the right techniques and goals in mind, it can cause HUGE employee turnover costs. In order to save time and money spent on bad hires, many employers rely on pre-employment tests, which help companies screen job applicants based on things such as their cognitive abilities, work skills, knowledge, emotional intelligence, personality and other parameters.

Do these tests really filter job candidates so that the employee you eventually hire is someone who has been pruned like a gem for your open position? 

Here are some of the popular pre-employment tests:

Employee Personality Tests

Employee Personality tests assess the likelihood of a candidate to engage in a specific kind of behavior or conduct. Every organization wants a candidate who doesn’t just fit the job role but also adds to the overall positive work environment and fits like a glove into the established company culture. Hence, these tests are meant to analyze or reveal the personality of the job applicants to determine if they are a good fit. 

Employee Skills Tests

Employee Skills Tests focus on measuring hard skills in a candidate. They are meant to help you find an employee who possesses the skill necessary to do the job, someone who can process information similar to your current top performers in that specific role.

Employee Interests Tests

Employee Interests tests are one of the most used (and most over-used) type of assessments used for hiring. The assumption is that if someone really likes a particular type of work that they will naturally be good at it. Not only is this NOT TRUE, but Interests are also characteristics that tend to change the most over time (especially compared to Personality and Skills).

Employee Aptitude Tests

Employee Aptitude tests are one of the most effective tests that are conducted by most of the big hiring companies. The focus of these tests is mainly on the ability to learn, problem-solving, attention to detail and critical thinking.

These tests are very common and almost every company that offer Pre-Employment Testing services will offer you a complete package of these tests. 

But, is this really enough? 

If you want your company to run efficiently with a well-managed bottom line that isn’t overrun by employee turnover costs due to bad hires, it is vitally important that you hire only top performers. You need hiring tools that offer more services and solutions that are custom tailored to your specific job hiring situation, like the hiring tools offered by PeopleRight.

PeopleRight believes in offering avant-garde tools that help employers make well-informed hiring decisions.

With PeopleRight’s hiring solutions, you get to:

  • Complete tools that measure the whole person, not just one of the areas described above
  • Evaluate candidates compared to how your top performers scored on these same characteristics
  • Cover important interview questions related to key areas where they are different form your top performers
  • Onboard and guide new hires like you had an Operators Manual for this person in this particular job

There is so much more to hiring the right people for the right roles than what standard personality tests, skills tests, interests tests and aptitude tests can offer. Relying on these tests alone is not an ideal solution and is not the best way to judge job applicants, not if you want to reduce employee turnover costs.

As an employer, you need more reliable and advanced solutions like the hiring tools available from PeopleRight that are guaranteed to help you hire the best performers for the right job roles. Click here to learn more…