National Sales Team – Medical Sales

A recent client came to us looking for help to improve their odds of hiring successful Territory Sales Managers. They had over 100 of them spread all over the country, and they were managed by 13 Regional Sales Managers. We started by looking at the previous 12 months sales performance for the 100 Territory Managers, and selected the top and bottom 10% to include in our pilot study.

After collecting the assessment results from these twenty people, we used the results from the top performers to build a profile showing what they had in common. We then compared both groups (top and bottom performers) to the profile.

Three-fourths of the top performers scored over 85% Overall Job Match to the profile, while only 13% of the bottom performers scored above this level. Now, think what it would do for your business if we could help you to not hire 87% of your poor performers while drastically increasing the number of high performers that you hire.

In the case of this company, the top performers were averaging over 105% to sales quota, and the bottom performers were averaging 77% to sales quota.