Regional Sales Team – New Home Construction

I had a regional Division President call me a while back to ask if we could help them hire more successful salespeople. There were over 80 salespeople in his division at that time, and I asked him if we could assess his top and bottom five salespeople.

After collecting the results and building a benchmark from the results of the top five people, we were able to show the Division President and his Sales Directors that we could have ‘predicted’ in advance where nine out of 10 of these salespeople would end up (in the top or bottom group) before they hired them.

In this example, I was also up against a local assessment provider who used a four-quadrant tool and got to present their results in person, and I (because I was across the country and they didn’t want to pay travel costs) got to present my results via a conference call.

Our results were so compelling that they decided to move forward with our solution immediately, and they have starting using us to profile other roles in their organization.