1. How long does it take to build high performer benchmarks?
It depends on the size of the sample study and how fast your people can complete the assessments. Most of our clients can see results that will help improve future hiring decisions in 2 – 4 weeks.

2. What if we don’t have any top performers?
We have a database of benchmarks we can use as a starting point for your company, or to compare to the few top performers you may have. We will work together to generate the best starting point possible.

3. Does this stuff change over time?
Sometimes, and we plan for that. Once we put a benchmark in place we will plan regular reviews to make sure that it is still working to help your company make great hires. We recommend that our clients review their benchmarks and hiring results annually, and we make adjustments as necessary.

After one of these annual review meetings one of my clients said:

“I have literally hired thousands of Salespeople over the course of my career and used many different tools in the hiring process. The tools and processes that we use from PeopleRight work far better than anything else I have ever used for predicting the performance of Salespeople. We have seen when hiring new salespeople that using PeopleRight’s tools and processes results in over $250,000 additional revenue per hire per year.”

4. How does the pricing work?
We structure our work into two phases. Phase 1 is a Pilot Study where we create custom benchmarks for key roles in your company, and includes data collection, review, analysis, benchmark creation and review, and training of your hiring decision makers. Phase 1 is conducted for a project fee that is determined by all of these variables. Phase 2 is the ongoing use our tools – after we have proven that they will work for you, and pricing will depend on how many of our tools you purchase at one time.

5. Do you guarantee results?
If you mean to we share in the risk of trying something new, the answer is yes. The way we do this is that we will agree to a price for Phase 1 – Pilot Study, and you will pay half of that amount up front. The remaining half is due at the successful completion of the pilot study – and you (the client) gets to define what ‘successful completion’ means. So, if you see that our tools and processes just won’t work for your company, I end up not getting paid for half of the Pilot Study cost (which hasn’t happened yet).
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