Hiring an employee isn’t easy. To lessen the burden of hiring the right people, many employers incorporate pre-employment tests into their company’s hiring strategy. These tests focus on screening applicants on a variety of parameters, such as language proficiency, skills, emotional intelligence, personality etc. The outcome of the tests are supposed to help employers match the best people for their open positions. But are they really the best way to find an employee who has the best knowledge, skills and abilities for the job? 

There are many pre-employment tests that can be conducted. However, the most popular ones are mentioned below – 

Pre-Employment Personality Tests

To ensure that the candidate fits in the job role and the organization’s culture, pre-employment personality tests are conducted by many companies. These tests define a person’s natural tendencies or behaviors and show how an individual reacts in a given situation.

Pre-Employment Skills Tests

Pre-employment skills tests weigh candidates based on job-related skill sets such as typing speed and computer skills, communication skills, verbal skills, etc.

Pre-Employment Aptitude Tests

Pre-employment aptitude tests assess the cognitive aptitude of candidates, which includes problem-solving abilities, learning abilities, attention to detail, and critical thinking. 

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